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8/29/13 I became a Grand Father thant s Trip!


Wow the year is moving fast.

it has been a bit sence the last time I updated the site.

I think a complete rework is comming.


Well we have made it to a fresh start and this is a good thing.



Well Field day will be starting on Saturday this will be a good time




The weekend is here and time to play

It will be spring befor we know it and then time to go hunting for GROUND HOGS

Well the New rig is performing GREAT.


Playing with a High Speed Video Camera

The clip below was shot at 20k Frames per second



Play time with the dogs




Well thanks to N2AUO's spud gun and the help of Jeremiah KB3KXR. I have my KU3X short 80mtr dipole up .



Check it out a New rig in the Shack.

A Brand new FT950.